Mujeres directoras

D’A is approaching parity in this thirteenth edition with 49 films directed by women. Plus, our Focus is Joanna Hogg. Our D’A Award goes to Céline Sciamma. Should we go on?


From the most queer romantic comedy to the historical memory of the collective’s struggles and selfcare. Medellín, Nazario, Russian musical romanticism or summer camps. Everything fits. D’A’s LGTBIQ+ program is as diverse and uninhibited as the future we long for.


Thinking cinema through cinema itself is, perhaps, one of the greatest risks and challenges. Dear cinephiles, come and enjoy!


Fiction, documentary… What a debate and how many frontiers! We have tons of hybridization and liminal formats. The reflection through real and tangible documents keeps beating strongly in D’A. A dive into the depths of the internet or into Andalusian folklore and olive trees? You have that and much more to choose from.

Memoria histórica

If we do not rethink History, we will not be able to free ourselves from it: Mussolini by Mark Cousins, Franco’s concentration camps in Asturias, dictators at the gates of heaven… or other stories that explore past eras that reveal who we are today and where we are going.


A selection not to get lost in long disquisitions. 40 Spanish and Catalan short films. The closest face of our collective impulse.