Isaki Lacuesta, one of the most awarded directors of Spanish cinema, will premiere at D’A 2024 his new film, Segundo premio, co-directed with Pol Rodríguez (Quatretondeta) with a script by Lacuesta himself and the writer Fernando Navarro. The film is a work of fiction inspired by the history of the Granada group Los Planetas, deans of Spanish indie music, in the period that will take them to record their third album, Una semana en el motor de un autobús (1998). An album resulting from the turmoil in the lives of its protagonists, faced with the ghosts of separation and self-destruction, which will forever change the life of the group and the history of Spanish music. The opening of D’A 2024 will take place in the Paral·lel 62 room and will be attended by the director and the artistic team of the film. Premiere in Catalonia.