21 de March de 2019



The 27 short films scheduled for the section include some of the most outstanding projects of the year, including Adalamadrina by Carlota Oms (which opened at the Sundance Festival), Millions (and Millions) of Memories, the solo debut of Laura Rius (one of the four directors of the highly renowned Las amigas de Ágata) with an experimental piece created as an end of course project from her time at Fémis, Suc de síndria, the esteemed short movie by Irene Moray starring Elena Martín and which appeared at the Berlinale, Un chico cualquiera Rosario solo hay una, the directorial debut of actor Àlex Monner (La próxima piel, D’A 2016), Corre Brilla Luz Luz, a new wonder by Miguel Ángel Blanca (Quiero lo eterno, D’A 2018) and Rarotonga, the third short from another actor, Alex Brendemühl.

Short films Un Impulso Colectivo D’A 2019

  • Adalamadrina, by Carlota Oms
  • After Work, by Manuel Palma
  • La alegría de vivir, by Miguel Rojas
  • Ancora Lucciole, by Maria Elorza
  • Boyfriend, by David Moragas
  • La casa de Julio Iglesias, by Natalia Marín
  • Cendra, by Tariq Porter
  • Un chico cualquiera Rosario solo hay una, by Àlex Monner
  • Corre Brilla Luz Luz, by Miguel Ángel Blanca and Jordi Díaz
  • La cosa vuestra, by María Cañas
  • De L’amitié, by Pablo García Canga
  • Grbavica, by Manel Raga
  • It is All Right Here, by Teresa Sendagorta
  • Los que desean, byElena López Riera
  • La mala fe, by Marina, Elena i Eva Pauné
  • Millions (And Millions) Of Memories, by Laura Rius Aran in collaboration with Carlos Solano
  • Mudanza contemporánea, by Teo Guillem
  • La mugre, by Pau Bösch and Berta Galvany
  • Only Fools Rush In, by David Moragas
  • Un paseo por New York Harbor, by Carolina Astudillo
  • Rarotonga, by Alex Brendemühl
  • Suc de síndria, by Irene Moray
  • Te busco en todos, by Celia Giraldo
  • Tombent les heures, by Blanca Camell
  • Tres quarteres, by Carlos Balbuena
  • La veda, by Paco Chanivet
  • Violeta + Guillermo, by Óscar Vincentelli


16 de April de 2020

Who would have thought that this pandemic would bring the confirmation of something that we already suspected? How were we…