The D’A – Barcelona Film Festival has been working since 2022 to be a greener festival and to implement actions in favor of sustainability. Everything leaves a mark. The films of D’A mark us in each edition with their emotional, groundbreaking, reflective, free-thinking… This desire for stimuli means that we do not stop moving forward, year after year. In the thirteenth edition, we put a thread on the needle with the Carbon Footprint and thanks to the advice of Sostenibilidad a Medida we have achieved some of the objectives to turn D’A into a greener festival.

The diagnosis resulted in about 0.45 kgsCO2eq per attendee in the edition of D’A 2023. With this data in hand, among others, we have developed and implemented a report that evaluates the greenhouse gas emissions linked to each D’A activity that provides data to calculate the improvement of the implemented actions. Thanks to all this work, A Greener Festival, a non-profit organization that independently assesses the environmental impact of festivals, has awarded us two certificate stars (out of a maximum of four) and achieved the category of Commended Festival, considering that we have properly managed aspects of sustainability, going beyond what was expected and generating a positive impact.

Some of the current actions for a #DAsustainable are:

  • No official cars. We favor the train trips of the guests whenever possible and those collected at the airport are made with electric taxis.
  • Messaging in 100 per cent green vehicles.
  • All packaging is recyclable and reusable.
  • Recyclable and sustainable merchandising from local companies.
  • Reduction of the impact of publications and signage. Reduction in the use of materials.
  • Local and local suppliers who apply sustainability criteria.
  • Efficient use of energy and promotion of the use of renewable energy.
  • Proximity: nearby spaces, walkable, and promotion of public transport through agreements with RENFE and TMB.
  • Internal communication dispensing with e-mails.
  • Increased online ticket sales.
  • Catering from local companies with environmental criteria.
  • Diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusiveness as signs of identity.

We wish to contribute to generate a culture of sustainability among our public and participating entities. Help us to make it possible!

Next stop: a carbon-neutral D’A. A #DAsostenible.

Source: Objectius desenvolupament sostenible ONU


  • All Festival spaces are accessible.
  • The Opening and Closing sessions have SDH.