• Single ticket Aribau Club, CCCB and Zumzeig: 7,5 € at ticket offices / 7 € online
  • Single ticket for TRESC, Carnet Jove and Biblioteques holders: 6,5 € at ticket offices / 6 € online
  • Single ticket Young Space: 3 € at ticket offices and online (discounts not available)


  • Junior ticket (Age under 25) and Senior ticket (Age over 65): 4 €
  • Single ticket for CCCB Friends, students, unemployed and people with disabilities: 6.5 €     
  • Single ticket Filmoteca de Catalunya: 4 € (3 € discount ticket)


  • 5 tickets pass for Aribau Multicines, CCCB, Zumzeig (not personal): 30 €
  • 10 tickets pass for Aribau Multicines, CCCB, Zumzeig (not personal): 50 €
  • VIP pass (personal and untransferable): 80 €


  • The ticket offices at CCCB Theater will open on April 24th and 25th between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • From April 26th, the ticket offices at the CCCB and Cinemes Aribau will open one hour before the first screening of the day of each venue.


  • Passes 5 & 10 are not valid for the screenings at the Filmoteca de Catalunya.
  • Once acquired, no changes or returns of tickets will be made.
  • The screening schedule can suffer last hour modifications.
  • Access to the venues is not allowed once the screening has started.


  • The passes 5 & 10 have to be exchanged for tickets either online or at the ticket office. The subscription doesn’t gran direct access to the venues.
  • When changing the online subscription, it is necessary to have the locator number on hand. That number is the one that must be indicated on the sales page to complete the purchase.
  • When the sale of tickets indicates that the last tickets are availables at the box office, it means that the same day of the screening, thirty minutes befores, the tickets that remain in stock will go on sale. The sale will be made in strict order of arrival. Only one ticket per person will be sold.
  • The VIP subscription must be exchanged for the personal accreditation at the information desk of the festival at the CCCB.
  • The VIP accreditation allows free access to all festival sessions held in the Aribau Multicines cinemas and the CCCB, through the validation of the bar code and access by a different queue. An entry for VIP subscribers is reserved up to 10 minutes before each session begins. Thereafter, the reservation will be released.
  • VIP subscribers will receive an invitation for the opening and closing sessions of D’A 2019.
  • To access the D’A 2019 sessions that take place at the Filmoteca de Catalunya and Zumzeig, VIP subscribers will have to contact the festival to provide them with an invitation.
  • The Filmoteca has advance ticket sales one week in advance only at the Filmoteca box office. Check schedules on the website.