Five years ago, the D’A started expressing a systematic interest in the movies closest to us. Thus Un Impulso Colectivo was born, a section that seeks to bring together films made in the here and now without demanding anything other than boldness and originality. This is not a case of “new cinema”. And it’s not one of “other cinema” either. As is being made more and more clear, these are projects inspired by passion and that reject any kind of labeling. There is of course room for radicalness and experimentation, but also the desire to innovate through more conventional, albeit only apparently, narrative cinema and fiction.

In this current edition, this is clearer than ever. All our usuals are here, as headstrong and obsessive as ever, but we are also pleased to present new creators, prominent among which are several female faces debuting with some breathtaking movies that are already touring the world and that all share the common goal of depicting boundaries and margins, and places that we had not thought of gazing upon before. Add to the mix some of the most formally revolutionary films of the year, and the panorama is simply irresistible.

It needs to be cried out loud: it is not that this cinema has reached maturity, for it is just as restless and unruly, boisterous and unclassifiable, almost like a naughty child. We adore its variety and vitality, and that’s why we love it just the way it is, as unpredictable as ever: diverse and free, and now ready to challenge us and drive the wind towards the hurricane.

Carlos Losilla

These are the films from the section Un impulso colectivo: