Un impulso colectivo

Un Impulso Colectivo 10th anniversary: The new times

During the past year, Spanish cinema shone strongly. And that was possible, in part, thanks to the power of a certain type of independent production to which it is already allowing to compete with the most industrial without complexes or hierarchies. The most academic and traditionalist sectors will take time to assimilate, but the most restless audience no longer houses the slightest doubt: that great “collective impulse” deserves all the support, something that the D’A was absolutely certain just ten years ago, when we created a section with that name to sponsor the most risky, most “young” proposals, in every way of the word. And yet, when celebrating this anniversary, a doubt began to disturb us: little that we slept in the laurels, will we not be contributing to create such a form and accommodation cinema as the one it intends to face?

Nothing is further from our intention, of course, and that is why Un Impulso Colectivo wants to start this new decade of life with a more combative spirit than ever. No concessions, no prisoners taken. And without letting the routine eat us or that inertia takes us where we don’t want to go. That is why the proposals chosen this year – we warn it in advance – may surprise or confuse, because they account for some changes that are taking place in the cinema that we want to support, from the emergence of a multiform and overflowing fiction, surprising creativity, to the question of a certain model of realism that is already giving symptoms of exhaustion. All these mutations are already here, in any case, and D’A has tried to capture them in a balanced and representative films selection, a small guide for the new times. Enjoy it, without stop debating or questioning it, if necessary. For that here we are.

-Carlos Losilla