Un Impulso Colectivo

In transition again

It is always worth going back to the past to understand the present, and Spanish cinema is no exception. Un Impulso Colectivo, the D’A section that strives to offer the Barcelona audience a selection of the most daring, offbeat, and sometimes wildest and most provocative films that were made in the last the year in this country, was created as a celebration and lives on as a challenge. And it openly declares itself the child of the movies of the first Transition that, in the late 1970s, swept aside the ruin of Franco-era stagnancy to unleash the birth of free, rebellious, irreverent films. Then, we were saying farewell to fascism. Now we need to fight to prevent it from rising again from its ashes.

The lights and shadows of the 1980s brought an end to all that hullabaloo. Spanish cinema became more competitive, but also more modest, more confined within the bounds of prestige and qualité. The ‘new cinema’ that emerged at the turn of the century, born out of the economic crises that have been happening ever since, refuses to go through that again. That’s why it has always tried to keep moving, as shown by this year’s selection of films, so diverse and restless that the whole is unclassifiable, sometimes even disconcerting.

That’s because there’s no way to stop change, there’s no doubt about that. Political warfare is happening here in many ways: renewing formats, reinventing fiction, demolishing stereotypes. Some styles will inevitably fall by the wayside so that others can be born. Far from settling, this year’s Un Impulso Colectivo considers all these earthquakes and mutations and is hence proclaimed to be openly imbalanced, chaotic and joyful at the same time. In transition. Again and as always, the journey is unpredictable.

-Carlos Losilla


Carlos Losilla
Carlos Losilla

Writer, translator, professor at Pompeu Fabra University and ESCAC, and member of the editorial board of the magazines Caimán CdC and La Furia Umana. Commissioner of the Un Impulso Colectivo of the D'A.