D’A Film Festival Barcelona visits the most cinephile theatre in Madrid to present, during three days, some of the most outstanding and representative films from the Un Impulso Colectivo section. There are three feature films and six short films that take us from the Raval in Barcelona to New York, from the French coast to the island of Java, hand in hand with young filmmakers with ascending filmographies and enormous talent.


  • Cantando en las azoteas, Enric Ribes
  • Miss Futuro, Antonio Morales
  • Mbah Jhiwo / Alma anciana, Álvaro Gurrea


  • Demà ho deixem, David Moragas
  • Les filles du feu, Laura Rius
  • Así vendrá la noche, Ángel Santos
  • Un susurro, Iñigo Apestegui
  • Lovebirds, Víctor Moreno
  • Los conspiradores, de Luis E. Parés