Last year the Filmoteca Española made public the entire plan for the recovery and dissemination of the film legacy of Iván Zulueta (San Sebastián, 1943 – 2009). Beyond the cult of his Arrebato (1979), the designer and icon of hedonism and seventies avant-garde psychedelia still has a whole hidden universe to discover. A series of mostly unpublished pieces shot by the Basque filmmaker between the 1970s and 1980s are going to make the Paral·lel 62 audience vibrate along with the musical tribute of J, the lead singer of Los Planetas. The choice of these short films in Super 8 and 16 mm show us a Zulueta in full creative effervescence, full of vitality and filmic exploration. “I have always worked in a very playful way, playing with things, trying out the camera’s instructions, using what I had around me,” he said. Around him, close and crucial was his family, which J has also looked into to compose some of the musical pieces. What’s more, we will find footage signed by his parents, Antonio de Zulueta, who was director of the San Sebastian International Film Festival between 1957 and 1960 (when it obtained the A category and the famous Concha de Oro was created) and Consuelo Vergarajáuregui, an amateur painter. While Zulueta’s films are screened without any intervention, the latter, much older films, have been edited by filmmaker Andrés Duque.