Amat Escalante

Mexico, France 90 min min


A 24 hour period in the lives of Fausto and Jesus, two undocumented Mexican day-labourers in L.A. Each day another task, each day the same pressure to find money. They go about their daily routine, standing on the corner at the Home Improvement Store waiting for work to come. Today, the job they are given is well paid compared to their poor usual wages. Today, Jesus carries a shotgun inside his backpack.


Amat Escalante

Amat Escalante (born 28 February 1979) is a Mexican film director, producer and screenwriter. He is most well known for directing the controversial Mexican crime thriller Heli for which he was awarded the best director prize award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, and for directing the 2016 Mexican Drama The Untamed for which he received the Silver Lion for best director at the 2016 Venice Film Festival.

Filmography: La región salvaje (2016), Esclava (curt, 2014), Heli (2013), Revolución (segment "El cura Nicolas colgado”, 2010), Los bastardos (2008), Sangre (2005)

Amat Escalante

Film information

Original Title: The Bastards
Director: Amat Escalante
Script: Amat Escalante, Martín Escalante
Contact: Le Pacte
With: Jesus Moises Rodriguez, Ruben Sosa, Nina Zavarin, Kenny Johnston
Country: Mexico, France
Year: 2008
Format: 35 mm
Length: 90 min min
Language: Spanish, English
Subtitles: Spanish, English
Edition: 2017