Amat Escalante

Mexico, France 90 min min Fiction


After work, Diego and Blanca lie down on their couch and watch « Télé novelas » or make love on the Kitchen table. For them, having sex or watching TV are too intertwined activities. When Karina, Diego’s daughter from a first wedding, arrive in his life in search of acceptance, Diego find himself caught between a jealous wife and a daughter in desperate need of guidance. An astonishing climax will lead Diego to act has he has never done it before.


Amat Escalante

Amat Escalante (born 28 February 1979) is a Mexican film director, producer and screenwriter. He is most well known for directing the controversial Mexican crime thriller Heli for which he was awarded the best director prize award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, and for directing the 2016 Mexican Drama The Untamed for which he received the Silver Lion for best director at the 2016 Venice Film Festival.

Filmography: La región salvaje (2016), Esclava (curt, 2014), Heli (2013), Revolución (segment "El cura Nicolas colgado”, 2010), Los bastardos (2008), Sangre (2005)

Amat Escalante

Film information

Director: Amat Escalante
Script: Amat Escalante
Contact: Bac Films
With: Cirilo Recio, Laura Saldaña, Claudia Orozco
Country: Mexico, France
Year: 2005
Format: Digibeta
Length: 90 min min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2017